Water By The Spoonful – Confetti Stage 2015

I am currently doing promotional illustrations for a local theater company named Confetti Stage. I was brought aboard by former ReQuest coworker Amanda who was making her directing debut with Water By The Spoonful.

Because it was kind of a rush job, I was pretty literal. Some people have told me it looks like a glass dumping wine. Possibly because no human spoon could hold this much fluid. Possibly also my ridiculous color scheme. I was just really hung up on that Instagram faded photo color palette, man… it’s 2008 forever where I live.

I also think I leaned a little too heavily on some cheap photoshop “watercolor” brushes for the background, but that’s only visible if you have eyes.

confetti_wbts_1 confetti_wbts_2 confetti_wbts_3 confetti_wbts_4 confetti_wbts_5 confetti_wbts_6