ViviSign – Website – 2013

One of the services Directory Signage offers is called a “HoloSign” because I personally thought the finished product created a hologram-like visual. It’s basically a special film you put on the glass that makes it a rear-projection screen that you can still see through.

We brought a pop-up screen made of the same film to Ad Week 2013 and it was basically all anyone wanted to talk about. People wanted to buy that entire setup from us on the spot. It had nothing to do with our actual products and services, it was just a demo… but people wanted it.

They also insisted they wanted the whole package – tripod, projector and all.

So we contacted the manufacturer of our film and put together a brand new product.

vivisign_2014_1 vivisign_2014_2 vivisign_2014_3 vivisign_2014_4 vivisign_2014_5 vivisign_2014_6