ReQuest – Website Overhaul 2008

After over a year of working almost exclusively on manuals, brochures, and email campaigns, the then-CEO of ReQuest finally decided to isolate me from the pressures of normal life and try to get a new website out of me.

Most of our competition was using lots of heavy dark photography with moody lighting and velvet backdrops which I personally equated with an older style of luxury. I was looking at the website of IWC who make sporty watches you can theoretically use for actual “sporting” but still cost many thousands of dollars and saw ReQuest as being on a similar level – luxurious but functional. I took some cues from their web presence and went away from our competition with more white space, cleaner imagery and more contrast.

request_1208_1 request_1208_2 request_1208_3 request_1208_4