ReQuest – Product Line Sheets – 2009

Between 2009 and 2011, ReQuest’s product line was changing fairly frequently. We had an unpopular run of trying to make much physically smaller servers, various different hardware configurations of our video client, and just general tinkering with the chassis of nearly every product.

So rather than constantly updating 20 product sheets, we decided to boil it down to two “product lines” which was the iQ whole-house solution (everything you need) versus the F.Series integration server (for combining with an existing or varied system).

The back was meant to be a BIG CRAZY DYNAMIC array of GUI options but hindsight tells me it’s a little much.

ReQuest_Product_Sheets_f_front_2009 ReQuest_Product_Sheets_f_back_2009 ReQuest_Product_Sheets_iQ_front_2009 ReQuest_Product_Sheets_iQ_Back_2009