ReQuest – Maestro Interface – 2011

The ability to do HTML5 “apps” in iOS was a major benefit to ReQuest. We had an app in the iTunes store that never really worked right and it was VERY difficult and time-consuming to push updates through the app store.

Maestro was built on an early framework called Sencha that was brutal to edit. Luckily all I had to do was dream up some icons screw up a bunch of stylesheets. It was up to our devs to actually make it work.

This interface worked great across just about all platforms, which gave us the idea to make Maestro 2 into our actually across-the-board interface (including TV screens and touch screens).

maestro_logo_2011 maestro_movie_main_2011 maestro_metadata_2011 maestro_remote_2011 maestro_movie_player_2011 maestro_music_browse_2011 maestro_music_player_2011 maestro_update_disc_2011

I told you I got carried away with the space backgrounds (this was just for an email campaign).