ReQuest – iQ.TS35 Touch Screen Interface – 2009

ReQuest’s iQ.TS35 was a tough screen to design for because it was teeny-tiny 3.5″ screen with a pretty deep bezel and it had a very limited color palette.

I was already working on the redesign of both our larger touchscreen (which was 15″ and full color) and the TV screen interface so I tried to stay within the same ballpark. I only handled the layout, icons, and overall design. Most of the actual programming was done by a developer. When you build a GUI like this, there are dozens of different screens, but they generally fall into the same rough formats.

iqts35_gui_home_2009 iqts35_gui_browse_2009.jpg iqts35_gui_scene_2009 iqts35_gui_nowplaying_2009 iqts35_gui_browse_2_2009.jpg iqts35_gui_playcomm_2009 iqts35_gui_search_2009