ReQuest – IMC Print Campaign – 2008

The ReQuest IMC was kind of groundbreaking.

Up to this point, most luxury video solutions involved having an actual carousel that held hundreds of DVDs because most manufacturers just didn’t want to deal with the MPAA and whoever else might be interested in a machine that rips DVDs for a living.

But you’ll note that the year was 2008 and our industry was already beginning to suffer, so we dove in head first. The IMC ripped your movies directly to a NAS drive and played them to any connected TV and we did it well in advance of Plex and Roku being as easy and cool as they are today so it was a nice value-add.

The machine occasionally asked you to stick in the original disc to prove you weren’t a pirate.

Once again, I got a ton of mileage out of this completely photoshopped image. I literally never had an IMC in the building to photograph.

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