ReQuest – HD Television and Touch Screen Interface – 2009

By 2009, ReQuest was offering a fully server-based movie solution which was new for our industry. It required some additions to our interface, so we decided to overhaul it completely.

Unfortunately, the GUI at the time was built completely in flash and already used up a lot of resources. Additionally we were still concerned about “burn in” on some screens, so I opted to do all the graphics in vector using a fairly simple color palette on dark backgrounds.

This had to be easily controlled by either an infrared remote (up, down, left, right navigation) or a touch screen. We stuck with variations on this interface all the way up to 2013.

HDGUI_home_2009 HDGUI_vidsource_2009 HDGUI_youtube_featured2009 HDGUI_covergrid_2009HDGUI_browse_icons_2009 HDGUI_coverflow_2009 HDGUI_browse_text_2009HDGUI_hulu_2009 HDGUI_metadata_2009 HDGUI_nowplaying_2009 HDGUI_parental_2009 HDGUI_photos_2009HDGUI_youtube_2009