ReQuest – CEDIA Direct Mail Campaign – 2009

Along with faxes and email blasts, we sent out two direct mail pieces to our dealers to get them to come see us at CEDIA 2009.

We did all this because we weren’t going to BE at CEDIA 2009.

CEDIA experienced a huge upsurge in 2007 followed by a precipitous (and probably ongoing) drop in dealer interest as the economy changed… and we were one of the first companies to start doing the sneaky maneuver of renting a suite nearby and offering wine and cheese to our dealers and reps to come visit.

So we hit them every which way that month to let them know how to find us.

This was also done about a week before I redesigned the NSFiT2 logo, so I got a little carried away with some cheap 3d.

CEDIA_mailer_2009 Nsfit2_mailer_2009_front Nsfit2_mailer_2009_back