MediaRover – Sonos Direct Mail – 2011

One of the cool perks of using a centralized music library is that you can use it to stream to all the fun new devices in your house. TiVo, PS3, Xbox 360, Plex… lots of now-common tech devices can’t play directly from iTunes but can definitely play from a NAS.

With that in mind, we built a campaign targeted at dealers known to sell Sonos (a consumer-grade multi-room music system that has since become serious competition to ReQuest) and got a pretty good response.

At the time we were still genuinely planning on monetizing MediaRover in the near future (and the site referred to all installations and downloads as “limited time demos”) so the “free offer” was not totally disingenuous.

MediaRover_sonos_mailer_front_2011 MediaRover_sonos_mailer_back_2011 MediaRover_sonos_mailer_2011