MediaRover – Interface Design – 2010

MediaRover was mostly a re-engineering of NetSync for iTunes so it resembles it pretty strongly.

The main difference is that MediaRover has a friendly wizard to help you set everything up as well as numerous built in help screens and links to online assistance since we had a novice end-user in mind.

Once again, I was told to keep it looking like iTunes. MediaRover 2 was planned to be a little more distinctive, but we never built it. I designed almost everything in PhotoShop first then our smartest developer turned it into a working program as if by MAGIC.

mediarover_1_-screen_main mediarover_1_-screen_legend mediarover_1_ wizard_1_2010 mediarover_1_ wizard_2_2010 mediarover_1_ wizard_3_2010 mediarover_1_ wizard_4_2010 mediarover_1_ wizard_5_2010