Harmony – Web Management Interface – 2010

One of the key features of Harmony was that it could be completely controlled over the web, so a business owner or marketing manager could monitor and update digital signage and music at any and every location worldwide right from any laptop. It was also the interface by which salespeople and resellers could monitor their subaccounts.

The top image is actually a completely web based digital signage authoring tool named Show Builder. It works sort of like a stripped down PowerPoint with built in transitions and animations that let you combine video, images, and web feed widgets into a show.

I handled most of the layout and style sheets. The actual control systems were built by our devs. There are many other pages and screens in the Harmony Management system, but these are the fun ones.

In 2013, Harmony split from ReQuest to become a separate company named Five-Motion.

harmony_backend_2010_3 harmony_backend_2010_1 harmony_backend_2010_2