Evixxion – “Strategic Cancellations” Album Layout – 2010

I have been in bands of varying heaviness my entire life and Evixxion was by far the heaviest and loudest.

Every band I have ever been in also breaks up as our first full-length album is being recorded. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you actually grew up listening to metal in the 80s or 90s, please check out the closeups of the insert. You can also listen to the full album for free here.

evixxion_strategic_chicken_sketch_2010 evixxion_strategic_chicken_2010 evixxion_strategic_sleeve_2010 evixxion_strategic_insert_2010 evixxion_strategic_insert1_2010 evixxion_strategic_insert2_2010 evixxion_strategic_insert3_2010 evixxion_strategic_disc_2010